Sunday, May 25, 2008

Farewell for TZ...

Bahija has organized a farewell gathering for me @ Attic, Bangsar last Friday. If you remembered my previous entries about Chill out @ The Attic. This is the same place that Bahija, Pat and I went for Nick Davis performance on end of April. Last Friday, it was a Funky Friday night. The bar has invited the team named The Trouble Clefs, which consists of 3 members, the pianist, bass and drum. They are good and i enjoyed the jazzy music so much...

Bahija was the first person to arrive @ Attic that night. I arrived after Bahija and we were waiting for the rest of the people. Attic was very new to almost all of my frenz and this was the first time they went to this place. Moreover Attic is located in the housing area, it's not located @ the bangsar bar area. Bahija and I was looking @ our mobile... as expected, our mobile phone kept ringing that night. Everytime my friend arrived, i would need to run down to meet them... the Attic sign was too small to be noticed. Anyway, no one lost their way :->

We took lots of pictures and each of us provide some updates on our new jobs... lots of them were asking me about Uganda, the same old questions, why i choose to go Uganda and when i'm going to leave... I have my same old answer again and again :-> 

back: Jeremy, Bahija, PooiLing, SawKee, KamWeng, Joelle, Susan
Front: Matt, KimKiat, YoongKee, TZ, EngHoo
Got molested by a hand... whose hand? Any guess?
Girls on the left, guys on the right, Kam Weng, which side are you going to stand? hehehe... 
Matt showing his finger (why he is so pissed with his drink?)
PooiLing, SawKee, bahija, KamWeng, Joelle, TZ, YoongKee

The environment was getting crowded and hotter, we continued to take more pictures... i was sweating away as i ran up and down so many times...  hehehe....

TZ and Bahija
TZ and SawKee
Joelle and TZ
TZ and KimKiat

We left about 12 something and it was a fun farewell gathering. Once again, thanks to Bahija
on organizing the gathering. To all my fellow friends, thanks for coming to cheer me up before I leave Malaysia for Uganda... It's a very memorable moment for me. I'm not sure whether Uganda will have such happening place or not ... :-> but anyway,  if life over there is as happening as here, it would not be the same without a bunch of hanging out friends like all of you... I start missing all of you... *sob sob*


Anonymous said...

Farewell must be hard ah esp. with already good bonding established with your close colleageus and friends.

Hope picking your friends to Attic has been pleasant for you...though I tot normally you will be the one 'kena sambut' instead 'menyambut' ur friends. :-)

TZ said...

Dalantau:yup... i will miss all my colleagues and frenz in Malaysia... My colleagues and frenz were not as adventurous as me... going to the Attic was quite challenging for them. So i went down to pick them up to save them from looking thru the whole row of shops... :-> Maybe we could hang out in Attic one day... it's a nice place thot.