Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lazy Bug...

I'm a lazy bud today... i woke up in the morning without any plan, just relax, surfing the net, watching TV and did some reading... initially I wanted to ask one of my university friend out for lunch since he is going to start a new job next week but at the end i was so lazy to go out. So plan canceled...

I wanted to cook my own lunch at noon but again I was lazy to cook. At the end, I went down to the cafeteria to buy my lunch... fortunately i was not lazy to go out to get my lunch. :-> I had Nasi Lemak which was a no no for so many months ... oops! better don't tell my Personal Trainer, Isaiah. 

I was suppose to go to the gym at about 3pm... again i was lazy to go out since the sky was turning dark and it was going to rain (just an excuse for being lazy)... so instead of hitting the gym, guess what? i took a nice nap until my mobile rang... *sigh* a sales person called and selling some hotel package :-( Don't know who actually passed my phone # to this person .... :-(

Now, I'm blogging away... waiting for dinner to be served. Mom is cooking dinner. Maybe i should send my car to wash now or go to the spectacle shop to get another pair of spec... which i kept pushing from Monday till today... errrr... lazy to go lah! I will just do it tomorrow.... :-p

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