Monday, July 14, 2008

Gem Island - Day 1

I woke up @ about 4am to get ready to leave for the airport. Dad sent me to KL Sentral and i managed to hop on the 5am bus... got myself checked in 1 hr later and left KL @ 7:05am. 

Early Morning @ LCCT Terminal waiting for flight

Kuala Terengganu from the plane

Kuala Terengganu Airport

Reached Kuala Trengganu @ 8:00am... without wasting anytime, i hired a taxi and headed to Marang Jetty to get the 9am boat over to the Gem Island.

Marang Jetty

Arrived @ the Gem Island Resort at about 9:30am...

Resort Jetty

On our way in we saw plenty of jelly fishes which triggered what Jian have commented in entry regarding TZ need a break!... *sigh* To tell you the truth, i was cursing Jian for saying so... The jelly fish has spoiled my day 1... :-(

JellyFishes in the sea

After Checked-in into the room, since I would not be able to hit the water for snorkeling, i decided to chill out in the room balcony for a while and headed to the surrounding of the resort to take some picture...

King Size Comfortable bed

Napping bed

Open air shower, only bird can see u taking a shower... ;-p

Chill out in Balcony sitting on this chair ... nice nice! So relax

Lunch was served @ 12:30pm... since i purchased the full board package, i don't need to worry of what to eat... the chef has planned for all my meal during my stay. The first meal was yummy!

Sweet and Sour Prawn

Fried Gai Lan

Rice with some deco

Fried Chicken with sweet sour


After lunch... I just walked over to the beach and sat by the beach... once a while, walked over to soak in the water, before soaking in the water... I tried to use what Jian has commented in my blog... "flex some muscle around the beach and scare away the jellyfishes 1st b4 u jump in! :) "... it worked ... I didn't got stink by any jellyfish... and to my surprise less and less jelly fish near the beach :-p Yuppie! my snorkeling day would start on day 2. I spent all my afternoon sleeping by the beach as i was so tired after waking up on 4am.

I was sleeping @ this netting bed

At about 5pm after we got the electricity backup... I went back to the room and get myself washed. Picked up my camera and heading for sunset shots.

Dinner was served @ about 8:30pm...

Mushroom Soup

Chicken Chop


After dinner i went to take some night shots and later called it a day. I hit the bed at about 10pm and it was the earliest time that i hit the bed for the past few months... Anyway, i could not stay long outside the room... Mosquitos were everywhere... i donated so much blood :-p

Quite and clear water ... I like the reflection

That's it for Day1 ... stay tune for Day 2 and 3 eh!


dctw said...

ah Terengganu
my hometown

Bahija said...

wow, seem like a nice great hotel :) ....

TZ said...

dctw: Kuala Terengganu has more buildings since my last visit... BTW, the new airport is nice but still empty...

Bahija: It's a nice and great hotel with a friendly staff providing good service... The hotel manager even sent me off to the jetty when i left the resort... I would give a 2 thumbs up for the services ;-)

Quah, Seng-Sun said...'re back from Gem Island. You're the second person I know that has been to that place this year. That other guy also returned with good memories and nice photos. And he took a detour to Kemaman for local coffee too!

dctw said...

Yeah.. it has definitely more buildings now... however, I still prefer the old Terengganu where there's more green...

I don't wish to see Terengganu becoming another KL

Jian said...

TZ!! gem island looks gorgeous man, the room the food.. :) oh and woppsssssss.. but good tat ur muscle worked the wonders!! hahaha sorry for predicting the scenario and got it accurate.. :p hope u din injure ur nice nice muscles!!

TZ said...

Quah Seng-sun: Gem island is a very nice and quiet place for relaxing... no activities @ nite which force me to sleep early hehehe ... :-> What's ur frenz comment on the place?

dctw: your hometown do have nice beaches ... I think the Terengganu govt should preserve something that could be the identity of Terengganu... two thumbs up for preserving the Gem island so well... hardly got sampah floating on the beach.

Jian: Just teasing you dude!... i was so lucky... the second day i did not even see any jellyfishes, they were gone :-> Wow! your prediction was very accurate... Can you predict some 4 digits number ... I need some money since i don't have income since April... Cash running low now.... Please! hehehe...

QuaChee said...

hey this place looks so nice. how much is the package? and what hotel is that? :)

TZ said...

QuaChee: Gem island resort... the package cost me about RM1,000 (single occupancy) for 4D3N inclusive all meal... :)

TZ said...

Quachee: Here is the link to the hotel website ...