Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dinner @ Seoul Garden - One-U

I was meeting my gym buddy, Simon for dinner @ One-U. I reached there early and since Simon has his haircut @ TF Barber Shop in Oval B1, new wing of One-U... I popped in the barber shop to wait for him to finish his haircut... (Simon's haircut entry)

After Simon's haircut ... we were discussing where to go for dinner. In the beginning, i was asking Simon what kind of food he preferred... There were too many choices in One-U when comes to eatery... this has made a big challenge for making the right choice. At the end, i suggested Korean BBQ and Simon liked the idea as he likes BBQ... so we headed to the Seoul Garden @ the old wing of One-U (on the way to One World Hotel).

Logo of the restaurant
Nice music
We finished all the food ... I was enjoying my food ... forgot to take picture
Simon was heading to the dessert corner... What was he getting?...
Ice Kacang (Peanut ice with some jelly)... Nice?
Simon was dipping to his dessert... his comment: "Not very nice!"
Simon posted a nice smile even though the dessert was not nice :-p

We left the place @ about 10 something and decided to go to Starbucks for coffee... The One-U Starbucks close @ 11pm... so the barrister has recommended us to go to the Starbucks outlet @ Central Point or Damansara Utama (Uptown). We decided to hit the outlet @ Uptown as it's easy to park moreover it's free too. 

TZ was surfing internet @ Starbucks DU - powered by Apple Macbook Cam

We were the last customers to leave Starbucks DU. This outlet operates until 1am. I was so tired and straightaway hit the bed after reaching home. The Iced Cafe Latte with Hazelnut Syrup was not able to keep me up... I slept soundly... ZZZzzzzzzzzz...


Jian said...

alamak bro enjoy the food till didn't take picture.. show empty wok @$^!#$@^!@ hehehe

TZ said...

Jian: LoL... i was so busy with the food... forgot about picture lor ... next time when i go there ... will take some picture lor :-p

Raymond said...

1U go try out Delicious/Ms. Read in the new wing!! abit pricey but worth it :) or the Sushi Zenmai...yummy !!!

TZ said...

Raymond: Thanks for the suggestion... will give it a try next few weeks :-> I heard about Sushi Zenmai... the review is two thumbs up.