Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gem Island - Day 3

2nd attempt to wake up for sun rise shots.... *sigh* mission failed again.... I was so tired after the snorkeling on the day before... so i was lying on the bed for nearly an hour before willingly to get up and take the shower...

After the shower since i was going to have breakfast with my newly met friends. Simon, Alvin and William (SAW)... I bet they were still in the bed... (never wanna to wake them up). So, I just walked around the resort for a few more morning shots in Day 3.

View from Balcony

Reflection @ the pool

View from the other quiet beach

Couples from Spain was viewing @ the young turtles

Rocky Beach

After a couples of shots, I decided to get some bread to feed the fish @ the jetty... So dropped by the restaurant and bought two packs of bread for the fishes...

Fishes waiting for food

Nemo, how are you?

Birdy was waiting for its food too

Hey... A big fish ;-p

At about 9 something, SAW and I went for breakfast. After breakfast... i signed up for snorkeling trip but SAW decided to chill @ the beach and did some snorkeling near the shore. I went back to the room to get change, got my flipper, life jacket from the recreation counter and ready to go for the snorkeling trip... 

Joining me on the trip, hehehe... i met more new friends... there were a Korean family (4 of them), UK family (6 of them) and the UK couple that i met the day before, last but not least a couple from Penang. Sorry folks i don't have photo to show from this point... I left my camera in the room... no camera were on board. Regret... *sigh* 

The whole snorkeling trip took about 2.5 hrs with two sites : Coral Garden - behind the Gem Island Resort & Near Pulau Kapas. I got stunk by the platoon the whole snorkeling activities, it was not a good feeling as when i got stunk my muscle got numb a while and then we could continue swimming... :-( Anyway, I got over the feeling and continue to snorkel.

After reaching back the jetty, i headed to join SAW for another trip to the coral garden which was our 1st stop. We swam out from the shore to the spot where the boat brought me for the snorkeling trip. hehehe... I paid RM30 for the trip which i could swim over from the shore :-p 
We saw two sharks swimming across us...

Later, we headed back to our room to wash up before lunch and headed to the restaurant for a quick lunch... Hungry! after all the exercises... after lunch as usual i chill out in the air con room... let the food digested.... SAW and i met up for kayaking @ about 3pm. We rented two kayak and kayak over to Pulau Kapas. I got a pack of bread and just sat by the beach to feed the fishes... SAW just went up to explore the resorts @ Pulau Kapas... 

I managed to wash up again and catch the last sunset for the trip... the sunset for day 3 was not as good as the past two. 

We had BBQ dinner on the 3rd day nite. It's a all you can eat dinner for RM40 per pax.

Cooks were preparing our food

BBQ dinner

Food were served directly from the BBQ station (for 4 pax)

This is my plate of food

After the full dinner, we headed back to the room... I was too tired to join SAW for another round of chill out. I decided to watch some TV and since i was not joining SAW for the chilling out... Simon passed me a can of beer... Dude! thanks for your beer :-> it really cool me down after a whole day under the sun.

After finished the beer and the movie... it's time to hit the bed... ZZZzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz


Jian said...

wahhhhhhhhhh~ nice shots and food looks very turning on for a gout infected person! hehehe.. eh eh dun have those other tourist shots meh.. share share leh....

TZ said...

Jian: Bro, u really need to take good care of you food intake... anyway the BBQ looks nice but the food was so so only. Unfortunately, i don't have other tourist photo... :-p

QuaChee said...

reading overseas ppl visiting, but few of our locals... what a shame! we really have such scenic places. im gonna put this in my list! :)