Wednesday, July 16, 2008

TZ starting his new job in August

I was having a meeting with the management that contracted me... I will be starting with my new job in August 1st 2008. Finally, i got all the outstanding items iron out yesterday evening. At least i know what i would be heading... *phew*

I'm looking forward to get started with my new job and get ready to leave KL for Uganda... :-> Will update the exact date when i will be leaving Uganda later once i got everything settled... Stay tune eh!


Jian said...

I'm sure u are feeling much better knowing this from the company.. keep us posted and in the meantime have fun relax while u can! :)

TZ said...

Jian: I will definitely try to make this blog active since i have quite a number of readers now :-> Stay tune for some update on my new job eh!