Saturday, July 19, 2008

Last report out for Gem Island....i

I bet all of you have fed up of my detail report out on Gem Island. Anyway, this will be the last entry :-p

After day 2 and day 3 morning mission failed... I forced myself woke up @ 6am on the last day... but guess what? I failed again. I was super tired and my whole body was painful due to sun burnt on the day before. My whole body was as red as a lobster ... :-p

I woke up at about 9am and just wondered around the resort for some picture taking as what i did for the past two days. I was trying to avoid the sun as my body was so red... :-p

After i had the breakfast with Simon, Alvin and William (SAW), they went to take pictures... as for me, i have to avoid standing under the sun... so i have no choice but left them and went back to my room. I managed to get another pack of bread to feed the fishes. Most of my morning, i was just chill out @ the balcony which i managed to see some small little creatures moving on the rock. As i zoom in my camera, i came to know the creatures were actually crab... Couple of crabs were having their sun tanning on the rock... hey mate, don't get yourself burnt as red as like me eh!... Oops forgot if the Crabs turned red i.e. it meant cooked... hehehe... ready to be served as a nice dish for us to eat ... Yummy!

At about 12:30pm, i walked over to the restaurant, ordered myself a soup and a sandwich for lunch... SAW came by on 1:15pm to say goodbye... they went back to the Marang Jetty on 1:30pm boat and i had scheduled my boat to be 3:30pm. So i have about 1 hr for me to take a nap and got ready to leave the island. I was a little sad to go back to reality i.e. KL :-( Anyway, life has to go on...

Seafood Chowder

Surfer Decker Club

At about 3:45pm, i was board the boat to go back to Marang Jetty. The way out from the resort was so rough.. I meant the wave. I felt the boat was nearly gonna to overturn, so damn dangerous... anyway, we were safely reached Marang Jetty after 20mins and the taxi was waiting for me to bring me to the airport.

I reached the airport at about 5pm and i need to wait for 4 hours... *sigh*


winniethepooh said...

i definitely miss the snorkelling, beaches and nice massages when i go on holiday back home!! Here in Ca, i hvent been doing any of those...missed missed missed...

khengsiong said...

Beautiful place... but how come the left side of first picture is darkened?

TZ said...

Winniethepooh: I think it's time for you to come back to Malaysia for a nice beach holiday... hehehe :->

Khengsiong: i purposely did that as i took this photo from a woody frame ;-)

QuaChee said...

the food look yummy! :)