Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The day has come... poke poke ... Scary moment!

I'm waiting for my 4 remaining Jabs @ Sunway Medical Center right now... Sound scary eh! But anyway, i gotta go through before leaving for Uganda Africa.

One good advantage that SMC have... i could hook into the net and blog while waiting for my turn not like HKL ... there were no internet connection... So should our government consider to upgrade the internet facilities in HKL? I think they should as we are living in the information age... ;-)

Anyway, i'm a little bit stress and uncomfortable now while waiting for my turn to take the 4 jabs... will it be painful? Will let u know after the jabs :-p


cbenc12 said...

how was it? how was it?? painful? :D

TZ said...

cbenc12: A little bit lor... not as painful as what i expected :-p okay... Still have 2 jabs to go.