Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dubai Airport Stop-over

Before i hit Kampala... there was one transit point that I needed to go through... Dubai Internation Airport. This airport is a nice and huge airport but the basic facilities is just not enough to cater for thousands and thousands of passengers. I was transiting there for 4 hours and walked around for a while before walking towards the gate. Anyway, one plus point in Dubai International Airport is the whole airport is Wifi enable, and u could get free access to internet throughout the airport with some wall jack at each of the corner of the airport. :-)

Waiting for their connecting flight

Crowded terminal

more picture on Dubai international airport : tz-photo


Borneo Falcon said...

Looks like a huge airport. Will like to read your review of the airports there compare to our country.

TZ said...

Borneo Falcon: i did not have much time over there and was walking like a zombie in Dubai Airport without sleep for about 8++ hrs.

keeyit said...

Oo.. you are there already..

Airport is always crowded with people..

Yeah, I think international airport should do that.. should get connected at anywhere..

Do take care ya~