Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Felt Bad to my team...

I felt bad that my team members have to re-shuffle their initial plan to cater for some short notice, important document review which pops up only this morning. I was given a task by my boss to organize the discussion with my technical team to final review and feedback. It's a bit rush but i have a good team that always provide a great support. :-)

Team, I owe u one... I will try not to come out so many adhoc and short notice meeting in the future... so all of us will not need to be rushing here and there. Anyway, today meeting will be the last one to accomplish something for the management... and it will bring us to our destination :-p

Thank you team!


Ray said...


Sorry, have to use your blog to ask you this question. Do you have Jenny Khoo or Kai Chung email? Please let me know, Have to contact them.


Lifebook said...

Hopefully, you will get the "GO" after this meeting. :)

All the best!!

TZ said...

Ray: Jenny and KC... they're in Facebook... u should joined us in Facebook. Will send u their mail to you now.

lifebook: This meeting was not the decision making meeting yet... but the team and I are getting closer :-p

Mr Dino said...

short notice is not a big problem... the traffic is...!! haha.. lucky me ^__^

TZ said...

Mr Dino: feel better if you think that.. anyway... Malaysia should improve the traffic flow in KL/PJ :-p