Friday, September 26, 2008

Is dream just a dream?

Something might have been bothering me since last week but i don't have any clue?... sound scary eh! Sigh!!!!  I got these bad and weird dreams since last week... All the while, i couldn't be bother about what i dreamt... coz i think dream is just a dream... What's the big deal?... :p 

These few days, i was having repeated dreams, the scene appeared in front of me again and again... but i could not remember the total picture after i woke up... all I did remember is something that i saw... graveyard surrounded by lots of tall buidling and lots of people... then what happened and how i got there... errrrr... no idea. that's what i meant the scary part... is there anything i should know? Any warning message from somewhere that i suppose to know? errrrr... anyway, just a dream eh! 

Hopefully i will not have the same dream tonight as i was so tired these few days after having these repeated dreams... can i have some sweet dream like someone kissing me ... :-p (oops, i'm not like that, just a joke)... Gotta get ready for my meeting in the afternoon. Ciao!


Mr Dino said...

haha.. must be the doing of malaria tablets that u took lah... =D

TZ said...

Mr.Dino: I don't think so... so what is your sixth sense tells u? hehehe...