Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No TV = no life

As usual, I watch the late night news @ 12am before hitting the bed. But yesterday when i came back from gym... saw a notes posted in front of the TV screen stated that the TV has broken... Sigh! Mom has placed the notes so that i would not try and on the TV... 

Anyway, this morning i woke up... and again no Morning news for me... Life without a TV was just like no life at all... I could not get any news update from the media... hehehe... Fortunately, i still have the internet connection. I'm trying to connect to Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) website... guess what? The website is down too... so not only my TV broke, the RTM website also down. So what happened to 916 then... Any update?


Simple Alex said...

hahaha... walk to the grocery and get newspaper... kekeke

UsedTo_run_eFil said...

bro, your still in Malaysia????

I thought you already left!

Shall we yam cha?

Look me up on Facebook :)

Quah, Seng-Sun said...

916? Go back to work, lah!

Mr Dino said...

916? nothing much.. same regular days at work for meh~~

cc said...

I get my news fix online now, the idiot box for me is just that, to get my fix of pure entertainments.

Johnny Ong said...

yr mom has to post a note for u? no time for mom also? hehe

doc said...

as you must know by now, nothing much happened, except for a resignation & a pull-out. but that doesn't mean things are not festering in the background.

be wary. be prepared. take care!

Darren said...

Haha nth happen on 916. Haha i think you depend on tv so much as like me depent on my computer and internet so much. if connection down = DIE.

TZ said...

Simple Alex: I have transition myself from reading the paper newspaper ... I read electronic newspaper in the net everyday... the other sort as i mentioned is TV... :p

Usedto_run_eFil: I'm still figure out who are you... anywhere is your blog name : hakuna-matata shout? We could go out to yamchar thot... but have to be fast thot... I'm going off this Sunday morning :-p

Quah Seng-sun: LoL... Life still move on past 916 :-p

Mr. Dino: 916 is where i got the decision from mgmt to fly ... it's a change for the proj team... hehehe :-p

cc: Wow! u r living in the next generation... no more news on paper ... hehehe :-p

Johnny Ong: My parent sleep early... so mom always leaves notes for me as sometime i went back late and they have slept... :-p

Doc: that's the one that i was curious about... what have been done @ the background... :-)

Darren: @ the surface... it looks like nothing happen. So what has happened... we as the citizen still don't have any idea... scary eh! Anyway, i'm rely on internet connection... :-p