Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ABC Tagged...

Since i was tagged by FoongPC... Let's me entertain you with some meme information to stay your boring or busy Wednesday.. just have a good laugh eh! :p

A. Attached or single? Errrrr... not single 2 years ago, but now... single!  : )

B. Best Friend? errrr... who is my best friend... I think you might be my best friend ... are you? Put your name in the comment eh! say... "TZ best friend is ...... "

C. Cake or Pie? Cake... why cake? Why? Why? Why? I also have no idea ... because it started with the "C" and i got one every year... :p

D. Day of choice? My birthday... i got so many wishes from around the globe... anyone forgot to wish me... you may wish me now.

E. Essential Item? My Macbook and internet... otherwise not able to blog and entertain my dearest reader.. kakaka

F. Favorite color? Black... make me look more slimmer ... kakaka (I'm not that fat that need to use black to draw people illusion )

G. Gummy bears or worms? Of coz Gummy bears, I'm not frogs, fishes, birdies...etc. i only love gummy bear from US ... not Made in Malaysia.

H. Hometown? Metropolitan Kuala Lumpur... but now a bit disappointed with the botak Kuala Lumpur city... trees are slowly disappear... give me back all the trees.

I. Favorite Indulgence? Muscle Pain... weird eh!

J. January or July? January... my birthday drop in this month... What July have to do with me? i didn't celebrate Canada day or US independence day.

K. Kids? You must be kidding ... :p

L. Life isn't complete without? gossiping ... lots of gossiping surrounding our life ... do you gossip?

M. Marriage date? coming soon! Don't ask me how soon... 

N. Number of magazine subscriptions. None... don't like to subscribe Magazine... i just purchase from the newspaper stand or book shop.

O. Oranges or Apples? I like Apple with a bite... 

P. Phobias? there's all kinds of phobia... Ablutophobia, homophobia, Counterphobia and much more ... see phobias list for complete phobias... so which phobias is listed in you ??? mind to share?...

Q. Quotes? Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. So just don't motivate yourself to exercise ... make exercise a habit ... :)

R. Reasons to smile? *Smile* *Wink*

S. Season Of Choice? Winter ... able to skate on the river ... and go skiing :)

T. Tag five people. Who should i tagged ... hehehe " The first five person that read this entry"

U. Unknown fact about me? I like to sleep naked (no bare minimum)... anyone have the same habit as me ??? :p Hey keep it secret eh! shhhhhh... and no picture please! ...

V. Vegetable? good for health... :)

W. Worst Habit? errrr... what worst habit i have ... anyone can let me know :p

X. X Ray or Ultrasound? which part of my body ?

Y. Your favorite foods? Used to be Japanese... Now... Ugandan food (African food)

Z. Zodiac sign? Aquarius

hehehe... are you having a good laugh by now? ... now go back to work or study --> message from your boss / teacher / lecturer etc... kakaka :p

Update [Feb 18th 2009]: Why no one comment today... worry to be the first five to read my tag and got tagged eh!.. kakaka :p Just joking with you only. Looking forward for your comments eh!


Chris said...

Welcome to my blog. My turn to visit urs. ;)
Hmm.. normally i very lazy to reply tag. :p

Sam said...

Ugandan food!? Really!!! Where did you find Ugandan food, I wanna try! :D

Medie007 said...

i lready hav one tag to do. ish...

TZ said...

Chris: Thanks for dropping by my blog... :)

Sam: I still have not found any Ugandan food in Malaysia... I had the Ugandan food in Uganda.

Medie007: hahahaa.... don't mind to have another ??? kakaka ... *Wink*

JL said...

Ahaha, I got the same tag from foongpc and I haven't done mine so I can comment yayay. XD

Well I was late so I better wish you happy birthday and also,

"TZ best friend is JL"?


TZ said...

JL: dude, when r u going to do the tag... looking forward to see yours ... :) Thanks for the birthday wish... :)

foongpc said...

hi TZ, thanks for doing the tag. Maybe we should all do away with tags cos I'm so reluctant to pass them on and people are so reluctant to do them. Haha!

Anyway, your answers are interesting : ) Come to think of it, my favourite indulgence is muscle pain too! Hehe. Wonder how Ugandan food tastes like?

And talking about sleep naked. I like that too! Actually it's very comfortable and IO heard from somewhere it's good for health. But without any spy camera around of course! Luckily I'm not a politician. LOL! : )

TZ said...

Foongpc: no worry... sometime it's quite fun to do the tagged :) hahahah... muscle pain... recently it's quite difficult to have muscle pain.. need a workout buddy :) Will snap some picture when i'm back to Uganda. Oh... u are also sleeping naked ... hehehe... I'm not alone ;-)

JL said...

My tag done already kaka :D