Friday, February 6, 2009

It's Friday... Whaz up?!!!!....

Thank god is Friday again... What TZ is going to do on Friday nite? Jumping to lose weight, stepping up and down... and of coz dancing funky... blek! 

I'm going to hit the IOI fitness First for my 3 classes back to back (BodyAttack, Step and Funky Dance)... hopefully my stamina still be with me after a whole week of eating, sleeping and gossiping during Chinese 牛 year... kakaka

I heard Bernard was teaching this new dancing steps few days ago @ Summit.. just don't know whether he will show the new step with this new song tonite... :)

Craig David - Insomnia... :)

Gotta to hit the gym now before mother nature release all its water... ciao :)


Darren said...

Hello buddy, you’ve just been tagged!

[SK] said...

did you win the most frequently tag-in member award FF gave away last time?? :p

TZ said...

Darren: I answer the tag already ... :)

[SK]: they have the tag-in member award gave away previously???... I have no idea.

team.warsurfer said...

Hey TZ, I just downloaded this Insomnia song (MP3 and MTV).. and seriously... it is a very good/cool song!! Love the beats from this song! Thanks for recommending it!