Sunday, February 22, 2009

Body Pump with Mr. Shy @ Fitness first Maxis

I asked Mr. Shy to join me to attend the bodypump class @ Fitness First Maxis today... It has been quite sometime I haven't attend the bodypump class with Mr. Shy... so i decided to text Mr. Shy last night and he's okay to have the class together.

I was early, I just popped in and had my breakfast @ Starbucks KLCC. Mr.Shy joined me after 30 mins later. We sat there until about 12:30pm... i walked over to my car and grabbed my gym clothing while Mr. Shy was hitting the gym. 

Since Mr. Shy was early to get into the gym and the class .... I was asking him to book a place for me in the class... Guess what? When i arrived, I was shocked to see my starting warm up weight was 10KG each side which has already setup by Mr. Shy... hehehe... Mr. Shy, were you expecting me to start with 10KG? ... hahahahaaaaaa...  Anyway, thanks for booking and setting up the weights for me :)

Jackson was our instructor for bodypump this afternoon. I told Mr. Shy that i would challenge myself to have the same weight as what Jackson had... i didn't know Jackson has selected all the power track... I was suffering while pushing myself to stay align with him.. hahaha... Mr. Shy was giving me a big smile... Blek!

Anyway, here you go my weight for Bodypump
Warm up track: 5 KG each  
Squart track: 10KG each
Chest track: 7.5KG each
Back track: 8.5 KG each
Tricep track: 5KG each
Bicep track: 5KG each
Lunges track: No weight
Shoulder track: 2.5KG plate each / 5KG each barbell.
Abs Track: No weight
Cool down Track: No weight

Guess what? I challenged Mr.Shy to add 1KG each for his Bicep track... it was a bicep track with only one quick recovery... tough! tough! tough! it was way way tough especially the finale 16 reps of bottom half... ouch! ouch! ouch! ouch!  ^_^ 

After the workout ... My muscle was so sore... the hamstring was so so so sore as i had two hours of pilate and line dance funk yesterday :p ... Had a quick lunch with Mr. Shy and we left KLCC at about 4pm.


Medie007 said...

lunges track: no weight?

curi tulang ah? :P

TZ said...

Medie007: I follow Jackson the instructor... he didn't use weights... BTW, Mr. Shy also didn't use weight... blek!...

Perky said...

Wah... even after you work out, you still have the strength to go for pilates & line dance funk! *salute!* What drugs are u on?? ;) hehehe, j/k.

When I was a Fitness First member, BodyPump was my 2nd favorite class (the 1st was BodyJam) :D

TZ said...

Perky: hehehe... my tracked record is 3 classes back to back .. BodyAttack, Freestyle Step, Line Dance Funk. So you quite going to gym now... ???

JL said...

Wah 10 kg, last time I carry two 6-kg watermelon on both arms also so pain -.-

TZ said...

JL: hahaha... need training ... you can do it :)

foongpc said...

Who is this Mr Shy? And why you call him so?

TZ said...

Foongpc: hehehe... why i called my friend Mr. Shy... he was so shy to attend the group exercise... also told me shy to go into the class... so I called him Mr. Shy. If i could announce his name here ... i would be using Mr.Shy... So let's Mr. Shy to be Mr. Shy... :)

Perky said...

Hey TZ, yalor I quit going to gym now... which is why I've been putting on weight sampai seluar pun boleh koyak lor! lol!