Saturday, March 13, 2010

Matta Fair Twenty Ten

I went to Matta Fair Twenty Ten this morning... Wanted to get a nice vacation package out of Malaysia... Destination: Vietnam. Why i choose Vietnam? Coz i have free accommodation in Ho Chi Ming city... my brother in law and sis are staying there at this moment. I'm looking for a Six to Seven days trip @ Sept 2010 during the Raya time.

But ended up i din buy any package for this as i couldn't confirm whether my sis will be back during the Raya time. Moreover, i don't know whether i would be switching job or not... *sob sob*

So, i bet many of you just wonder how's the package offer... Errrr... it's not as good as few years back when i bought my trip to Bali. Everything seems like so soooo sooooo expensive. There was so crowded and we couldn't even approached some of the desk for info.

Hiccup #1: There were no signboard to direct us to ticketing counter before going into the exhibition hall. So we went up straight and later we have to go down again to get the ticket... &%$$%$###$% to the organizer. Not only us, a lot of people only realized when they approached the entrance.

Hiccup #2: All the credit card sales person are so aggressive... They were approaching like a bee. hehehe... maybe I was projected as the potential customers to them... So many of them approached me to ask for signing up their credit card... Is it good or bad?

Hiccup #3: The place that sell food was so pack until we decided not to have any food and just got ourselves out from the place... We were so hungry at the time... No one dare to come near me ... "A hungry man is an angry man"

Hiccup #4: Basically, you would bump into so many friends that you knew in this travel fair... so if you don't wanna people to know you are going anywhere, please don't go to this place.

Hiccup #5: One unique encountered... the human traffic jam as some of the inconsiderate people just jammed up the place by discussing their great travel plan in the middle of the hall way... Imagine everyone just stuck in between... And you need to shout "EXCUSE ME!" or just gave them a BIG push... which ever works... which one is better? It's up to your choice!

Anyway, all i got from the Matta Fair today was a 2D/1N Port Dickson Eagle Ranch stay with all the sport activities included... I'm going to have a horse riding soon... Hopefully this package will be a nice package.

If you do visit the Matta Fair... what do you think about this year fair?


uLi.佑莉 said...

I wanna go also...will be tomorrow :P

William said...

Never visited before!

smallkucing said...

I never been to Matta fair before.

Heard we can buy the packages online also as some travel agency offer the Matta Fair rate online

blue said...

wat hairy hands u have there lol...

Gratitude said...

you gotta love riding kan?! lolz