Friday, March 19, 2010

Has someone killed your wishes?

I went to FGS Dong Zen Temple with my friends during Chinese New Year. I passed by this nice wishing pond ... hehehe ... all the while i thought we only have wishing well but this FGS DZ temple has a pond filled with colorful water and people just buy the flower, wrote their name and made a wish... The more flowers in the pond, the more wishes there were from the visitors.

So, which flower is your?

All wished flowers floating on the wishing pond

If you notice this blog entry title... you must be wondering what wrongs with the wishing pond. Okie in reality... I don't think it works. Let me quickly introduce the Three Wishes Destroyers. Your broken flower that floating on the wishing pond .... So your wishes still come true or not? Anyone has bought the flower and place your wish in the pond.? Can you share with us whether your wish came true?

Three Wishes Destroyers
These three children really required education on what to do and what not to do... Hmmm... maybe their parent should be responsible on what has happened... Should we sent their parents to school?

Destroyer #1

Destroyer #1 : he broke the flowers :(

Destroyer #2: He picked up a flower

Destroy #2 : He threw the flower
Flying wishes across the pond... Whose wish?

So let me introduce the Destroyer #3... drum please ... *drum sound*

Pick up the flower

Aiming / Adjusting the target

Still adjusting while Destroy #1 already throw another one

On your mark get set ... Throw!
Did you see the flower flying in the air and the base (green) just drop?
Is this consider a broken wish or what?
Whose wish is that?

Anyway, i was so tempted to tell the children's parent off but later my friends asked me not to since i'm a tiger... So need to have low profile from time to time... TZ will be very low profile this year ... :p

BTW, please do not tell me they just a kid... I belief 3 of them at least primary... Didn't our teacher teach us not to touch certain things? blek~

So, what would you do if you see this situation?


smallkucing said...

somany times i wanted to go but each year tak jadi

TZ said...

smallkucing: Nothing interesting in FGS Dong Zen temple. Just all the man made stuff.

manglish said...

spoilt brats...

William said...

Think of it this way, maybe they helped to put those wishes on the fast track!

Gratitude said...

tiger huh? you're more like a pussycat!

Bengbeng said...

it wouldnt b wrong to talk to the parents but one wonders if the parents r jus like the kids.. probably :(

TZ said...

Manglish: You meant the children?

William: hahaha... Hope what you say is correct :p

Gratitude: Errrr... why you said more like a pussycat?

Bengbeng: I just don't feel like tell this kind of people off.... Just wasted my time and energy. Those uncivilized parent ... Sigh~