Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stingy fruits...

I came back from yamchar session with a bunch of bloggers... Before i step into my unit... I already smell the heavy smell... I could recognize the smell but for a foreigners ... they will definitely compliant the stingy smell from all durian..

My ex-colleagues from other country
Mat salleh --> Stingy smell
Mat Salleh --> Smell like the dustbin
Costa Rican --> Smell like man's sweaty armpit
Chinese --> Smell sweet
Malaysian --> Smell yummilicious

For Malaysian, there is one time people mentioned that some people just sell their "Sarong" for exchanging the durian. So how crazy is Malaysia craving for Durian.

hmmm.... I'm not that craving for Durian. Reason being everytime i eat Durian, I will fall sick easily. I usually try to avoid eating too much of Durian.

So have you taste durian before? Is Durian your favorite?

P/S: Durian is the king of fruits, not everyone likes Durian... :p


Medie007 said...

me likey

William said...

For my throat's sake, I have stopped eating Durian.

smallkucing said...

Eh you dont like ah? Send some to me lah. MeLOVE durian. And those looks like the bitter type . Best of all!


durian fans here :)

foongpc said...

I love the smell and the taste of durians! Yummy! Yummy!!

You get sick cos you didn't drink enough water after eating the durians. Best eat mangosteens or drink coconut water after eating durians.

TZ said...

medie007: hmmmm.... u like durian eh~

William: me too. I couldn't touch Durian... i will get sore throat if i eat too much durian.

Smallkucing: u know how to differentiate... ^.^ They are really bitter type... yum yum.

L2: hehehe... go back ur home town and eat.

Foongpc: next time i want to try to drink CoCoNut after eating durian... it really help eh~

Gratitude said...

I've learnt to enjoy in moderation. No nmore throat problems! hehe