Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday --> First day of work week | Color = blues

Since it's a first day of work for the final week of March 2010. I would like to enlighten all of you with some Dilbert Comics ...

Hmm... this is how they plan to kill the project. So next time if your boss asking you to spend twice as much. You should be able to get the hint :p

Oh! I learnt another statement which describe the management... "Evil is the cure for incompetence" doesn't this indicate that the management usually is incompetence?

Hahaha... finally the management decided to kill the project with lame excuses. But why the new boss needs a list of children that the previous person fathered. Is he performing a stock check just to ensure that he know how many will fathered by him in the future :p

Anyway, i hope all of you have great week ahead and got a good laugh with Dilbert. Now back to work... otherwise your boss will terminate you and you can leave your workplace in 24 hours :p


Gratitude said...

Make sure you dun end your Monday on a sour "suen kum" note ya! :P

Have a happy happy happy new week! ^_^


haha~ i'll take note of this :p

smallkucing said...

LOL...salary coming soon :)

William said...

I have to encourage my fatty boss to get a pointy hairstyle.

TZ said...

Gratitude: hahaha... my Monday ended with a jolly moment :)

L2: hahaha... that's according to Dilbert not TZ eh~

smallkucing: Yup! another few more days... it's pay day.

William: hahaha... so you can be the Dilbert rite? Next time can i call you Dilbert instead of William :p