Sunday, March 21, 2010

RPM 46 Sizzler

Do you like this song?

If you like this song, you definitely like this RPM 46... There are more nice song for your workout.

I went to the sneak preview RPM 46 sizzler @ Fitness First The Curve yesterday afternoon. The class were led by Herny and Lilian. It was a nice 45 mins class and i sweat like a pig... ;p I managed to complete the release although it has been long time i went for RPM. This release was not that difficult and it has lots of nice song too

Is this song familiar to you? It's the song for the mountain track i.e. Track 7

I couldn't remember all the track and its song... but that's one song which draw my attention coz Lilian was singing along and i forgot it was which track... This song was a nice song by Kelly Clarkson. I think it's Track 4 if i'm not mistaken.

There's lots more nice song in other tracks... So just go ahead and try out the nice RPM 46 Sizzler. I think it is going to launch in FF in a week time.

Paul, dude too bad you are in US now... Not sure whether when you are back in Malaysia... they still play the RPM 46 sizzler or not... Anyway, enjoy your time in US eh~


Paul Figaro J said...

i ask my instructor on 3/29...which is just nice the day i return....can make it!! ... muahaha.....Kelly's song is track 3 lorr..

TZ said...

Paul Figaro J: You are so lucky ... :p

Takashi said...

"I got a feeling" & "My life without you" - was in recent combat release.. love it..

Cascada has appear in almost every release... :)

TZ said...

Takashi: is it? I din go for other LM release like Bodypump, Bodycombat etc...

Twilight said...

Never heard cos I never jumped in those classes! I will rejoin FF when my current gym membership expires. I realised I made friends with so many FF strangers then, but here at Calif & Celeb is different crowd. Perhaps it's the kopi & juice pantry that bonds the members to chat.