Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Are you thirsty?


Twilight said...

This is a delicious thirst quenching drink but earlier, I thought it was a vase of dead flowers!

Small Kucing said...

i want i want...where?

Btw, i have changed blog address. New address is www.smallkucing.com. Have added you in the new blog roll. Hope to see u there soon

Have a nice day :D

savante said...

Spoiling my tea for me! :P Come to think about it, it really is dead flowers in a pot!!

TZ said...

Twilight: aiyo grandma this is a nice and health tea... not the dead flowers. :(

Smallkucing: wow~ you change a new address. I need to update my blog roll too.

savante: it's a nice flower and herbs tea... :)