Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Something Shifted

Not the movie Switch... It's actually something in my life and usual time/schedule has been switched since i was tight up with this current project.

Those switches are

  1. Time to go to gym: Switch from evening to morning
  2. Time to do business (poo) : Switch from morning to night.
  3. Time to wake up in the morning:  Pull in 2.5 hours to cater for morning gym.
  4. Time to sleep: Remain the same. 

According to my mom, she said it's good to sleep before 11pm. But given i just got off work on 10pm daily for the past one week, by the time i reached home and took a shower, it's already 11 something... and i also took my daily vegetables intake (snack). So how to sleep early... Sigh~

Anyway, my eyes are tired now... gotta hit the bed now and wake up at 5:30am for gym.



Legolas said...

Sleep earlier is always good, but difficult to follow.

Twilight said...

Your lifestyle seems to switch to mine now. Welcome on board!

smallkucing said...

waaa...terbalik already

TZ said...

Legolas: yup totally agree... especially sleep early and wake up early for gym ... so refreshing :p

Twilight: errrr... are you saying this is grannny's life :p

smallkucing: yup... TERBALIK but after this period i think i will get back my life :p Hopefully~

Twilight said...