Monday, November 29, 2010

On Meeting Mr. Potter

Few friends and I have decided to pay a visit to e@curve to meet Mr. Potter. Given that Mr. Potter is a very busy person... he has setup many slots in a day just to let people meeting him. We managed to get the appointment @ 2:45pm. 

Guess what? Two of my friends are the royal fans of Mr. Potter, they have been follow on Mr. Potter foot print since day one... Errrr... maybe we should say they have been stalking Mr. Potter since day 1,  so they were so keen to meet Mr. Potter once they know that Mr. Potter is in e@Curve... as for me i just went along the flow and get this opportunity to meet Mr. Potter too. 

At 2:45pm : The meeting started... This was a long meeting as the meeting lasted until 5:15pm... It was about 2.5 hours meeting. During the meeting i felt asleep few times as the meeting was a bit boring... But the meeting getting more and more interesting when more action kicked in. Unfortunately, we need another meeting in the near future to draw the conclusion. So i'm not sure when we can meet Mr. Potter again.. hopefully Mr. Potter can address the outcome of the whole meeting in the next meet up eh~

If you haven't meet Mr. Potter... Do meet him up in these few weeks eh~ Before he flown away. Make an appointment as early as possible to avoid disappointment eh~

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pikey said...

I wonder if your friend is a fan of Mr Potter by having read all the document first before attending the visual presentations, lols.

TZ said...

Pikey: this one you have to ask my friends... ;-p i think most probably not.

Filip Demuinck said...

We are certainly going to see the movie. Two weeks ago we were in the Wirzarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando and it was unbelievable. We published an article about it on our blog.


TZ said...

Filip demuinck: oh... It must be very interesting to visit the place 

Twilight said...

I just read from the other blog how borrrring it was. You wanna con grandma ka? Pull your ears!

Small Kucing said...

boring or not? I read other blogs some say good some say boring

savante said...

Always love Harry Potter as well! Read all the books!

Vincent~ said...

i read all the books... but end up sleeping in the movies. i guess its good if u haven read the books since you will not have an expectations of it.

TZ said...

Twilight: how can fool grandma... You are such a clever person 

Smallkucing: depends on how you sees it... If you are the fans then you'll find it good. I found it okay not so interesting.

Savante; wow~ you read all the books.

Vincent: hahahaaa... I'm not the only one. 