Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Banting Beggar Chicken @ Bukit Jugra

If you have read my previous post... I think some of you already knew what this post about. Yup! It's a post about my visit to Banting Beggar Chicken @ Bukit Jugra with a few bloggers. We have a mini bloggers outing... 

We drove from Kuala Lumpur to Klang and took another 45 mins to reach the restaurant, finally we reached saw a tiny house with the signboard... 

Welcome to the famous Banting Beggar Chicken @ Bukit Jugra

Inside the restaurant

Outside the restaurant

Okay enough on the restaurant environment... Let's focus on its signature dishes. Again, on my previous post, I posted two different dishes to ask you to guess which one is pork and which is chicken... Are you able to guess? 

Now... Let's review the answer eh~

Beggar pork

Beggar Chicken

The beggar pork and beggar chicken were so tasty. I don't mind going back to the restaurant for another round of the beggar pork and chicken. If you wanna to know how this beggar chicken and pork made, just pay a visit to this restaurant. Or you could wait for Medie007's update.

Anyway, are you drooling now?...


DinoRic said...

Damn..the beggar pork looks so scrumptious!

foongpc said...

Ooh!! Delicious!

Legolas said...

The pork looks super delicious with the layer of fat that would go right down to the tummy, and I wouldn't mind it at all.

[SK] said...

wow, very nice leh, especially the pork.. the gravy must be very nice with rice~~

Gabriel said...

the beggar pork looks so tempting! how much does it cost?

smallkucing said...

Yummylicious....how is the pricing like? Similar to Ijok beggar chic? RM38/bird?

Twilight said...

No prize for my correct guessing! I have no appetite to comment today... wait till tomorrow and see...

Gratitude said...

Too much pork for the weekend, Jugra and Klang bkt :(

pikey said...

Ohhh... i love the pork!! Let's have this trip again, lols

TZ said...

DinoRic: Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

foongpc: yup it's yummilicious...

Legolas: so the god of 6 packs approve the dish eh~

[SK]: yup... it's very very nice... now that i look at the picture also i wanna to go again.

Gabriel: It cost RM51 for the pork leg and RM48 for the chicken. Total cost for 4 dishes is RM122.

Smallkucing: RM122 for 5 person and we were so full. The chicken price is slightly higher i.e. RM48/bird.

Twilight : grandma emo? No need prize. Just play for fun eh~

Gratitude: Same here. I felt too much pork for the weekend.

Pikey: Let's do it again eh~

Big Boys Oven said...

wow need to try this! :)


For more info especially the direction to Restoran Bukit Jugra -