Monday, November 15, 2010

Soup @ EspresSOUP

Have you tasted the clam chowder in San Francisco? Yes/No? You may taste the nice clam chowder in your neighborhood now... There are 8 outlets of EpresSOUP in surrounding Klang Valley that ofter nice soup...  

Last weekend, i went with my friends to the EpresSOUP for a quick bites after gym. The outlet that i went to is located in MPH the Curve. The layout of the shop is cozy, simple and nice. 

There are few variety of soup to choose from... vegetarian, meaty etc... I ended up chosen the Clam Chowder as i missed the Clam Chowder that i have eaten in Fisherman Wharf, San Francisco few years back. 

The Clam Chowder served in freshly baked bread

Broke the bread and let the soup flowed out. Do you see the clam?

TZ has attacked half of the bread and soup... Yummy~

We also ordered a chicken salad to share... but the salad looked good. Unfortunately it didn't taste good. The leaves was not fresh and the whole salad was so watery. In addition, the salad taste so salty... So i would NOT recommend the chicken salad. Yet to order the other salad dish. Anyway, the EpresSoup really need to improve their chicken salad. *Two Thumb Down*

it looked nice but taste was disappointed

Anyway, I would recommend their soup dishes. The rest of the dishes i couldn't comment as i haven't tried yet. So if you have been to espresSOUP and tasted their soup or others dishes... don't mind sharing with us eh~ :)

Now, are you hungry?


cleffairy said...

Moral of the story? Things that look good does not necessarily means they're really good! LOL!

[SK] said...

hmmm, i actually think so-so only lah.. i tried that before, but i now would prefer to have the soup in a normal bowl lor.. the hollow bread is just so clumsy~~

Twilight said...

Clams! Eeee no thanks!... I was just next door at Marche having a ball.

Xjion89 said...

wow, loook very tassty~~^^

so , hw r u ooo?
finally got a little time to visit u^^~~

Ultraman Jino said...

walked pass them and i can smell the soup. but too kiam siap to try them >.<

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