Thursday, November 10, 2011

2nd Thailand international Half Marathon

Last night during the dinner, my friend told me the news. He received a mail from the organizer of the 1st Thailand international Half Marathon. The marathon has postponed from Dec 11 2011 to Feb 2012. Oh no, we have bought the air ticket to Bangkok and the ticket was NOT refundable. So we still need to go on with our plan to visit Thailand.

So as the international run got postponed, we are going to re-plan our journey to spend more time outside Bangkok and only spend our last weekend @ Bangkok before we fly off. As for the run, we gotten two options either run on Feb 2012 with 1st Thailand International Half Marathon or pushed the participation to 2nd Thailand international Half Marathon.

At the end, we decided to push it to Dec 9th 2012 - So see you in Bangkok for the 2nd Thailand International Half Marathon eh~


Gratitude said...

The runs seem to elude you, so lucky! wahahahahaha

Medie007 said...


ChrisAu said...

Good luck!