Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chatime vs SnowFlakes

Chatime and Snowflakes, which one is your prefer?


vincent said...

snowflakes FTW looks delicious :P

[SK] said...

NONE. hahaha~~ :D

Twilight Man said...

I am a fan of Snowflakes! I am always there at least once a week. I would prefer to drink Bubble Tea at Snowflakes.

foongpc said...

Snowflake of course!!! Not a fan of Chatime, Gongcha, ComeBuy etc.etc!!

Small Kucing said...


Medie007 said...

neither too. lalala. but i antiSNOWFLAKES

TZ said...

Vincent: You like snowflakes?

SK: Hmmm,,, i wonder why?

Twilight Man : You drink bubble tea, have you tried the Chatime bubble tea?

Foongpc : I'm not sure how's the drink in Snowflakes. I went for the snow and the flakes instead of the drink.

Small Kucing : can you let us now why neither one ?

Medie007: Hmmm... you anti snowflakes, so we could not have the gathering in snowflakes eh~

vincent said...

tz, i nvr had one of those b4, but snowflakes looks delicious~