Thursday, November 24, 2011

My very first Penang Bridge Internation Marathon

The Penang Bridge Internation Marathon also known as PBIM is a very popular running event in Penang. The participants were coming from various countries around the world. All most all the participants has to be in the running ground @ midnight.

  • The full Marathon (42 KM) starts @ 2am 
  • Half Marathon (21KM) starts @ 3am, 
  • 10KM starts @ 6am 
  • fun run @ 7am. 

My friend and i, we arrived Penang around noon on the day before the run and went over to Queensbay Mall to collect our running kits.

Blueish Running kits  
Last digit of my BIB
My friend left the hotel @ 10:45pm the night before the run... and i was lucky enough to have more sleep and the hotel shuttle left around 4am. I was waiting for my run @ Starbie Queensbay.

The run started exactly @ 6am for 10KM... initially i wanted to snapshot some nice scenery during the run and on the bridge but due to the time limit to get the finisher medal. I decided to skip the photographing and straight moved forward to the finisher line. Overall it was NOT an easy run compare to the previous marathon that i participated. The ramping up to the bridge has killed my leg muscle until today. I'm still in pain...

Tired. Not in the mood to cam-whore...
Anyway, it was quite a good experience for my very first PBIM... Will i participate again next year... I would say maybe nope but i want to bring my camera to snapshot the nice scenery of Penang Bridge like others did...


Gratitude said...

Jalan macam itik! Wakakakakakakakakakakkaka
Good effort though ^^

Medie007 said...


TZ said...

Gratitude: Errrr.... :(

Medie007: What you like?

[SK] said...

looks like people are shifting from the photography bandwagon to running in marathons now~~ :p

TZ said...

[SK]: hahaha.... i still like photography but i added running. Run for Medal :p