Monday, November 14, 2011

NIKE : We Run KL 2011

When people mention "Just Do It" ... what would come to your mind? Yup~ It's NIKE. 
Nike has sponsored We Run KL on year 2010... this year Nike is doing again. Since NiKE is the main sponsor... of cause the running jersey is NIKE... I ordered size M for myself. I'm very satisfy with the size as it suits me well. 

Last Friday, my friend and I went to Midvalley to pick up our running kits. This year the jersey is RED compare to last year it was striking apple GREEN. Which you prefer for those who has the year 2010 jersey?
Bag of running kits
Front part of the jersey
visit the for more info eh~
Please don't ask me for my BIB... the last digit is 8
Anyway, i'm looking forward for the run on 27.11.11. This will be a tough one as it's in the hilly part of Kuala Lumpur i.e. Lake Garden Area.... Wish me luck eh~


Twilight Man said...

Good luck TZ. Lake Gardens where got tough? Even Grandma can whizz up!

Ghostynana said...

Hi TZ, SleepWithInn is quite nice. The price we get is discounted price. Hope they still have that price. Have fun!

Medie007 said...

i think red is nice wat. :D

TZ said...

Twilight Man: I already felt that difficulty right now. Coz i passed by there every morning to go to my office.

Ghostynana: Thanks for the information. I'm considering to stay in SleepWithin as long as it's clean.

Medie007: I prefer Apple Green (We Run KL 2010)... Anyway, this red will be nice with the Green in Lake Garden :p

Bananazஇ said...

Good luck red is nice aiya why not yellow haha.

TZ said...

Bananaz : Thanks :) On second thought,,, Red is also quite nice.