Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Short getaway from City of Potholes - Day #2

Day #2 : Singapore - Kuala Lumpur

Hwa Nam Restaurant - This restaurant specialize in Dim Sum and it's one of the oldest Dim Sum Restaurant in Singapore.The dim sum is not as tasty but it's very traditional. 
MacRitchie Trail (HSBC Hanging Bridge) - After breakfast, we headed to the MacRitchie Trail for a 3-4 hours hike at the same time see the HSBC hanging bridge. Why called HSBC hanging bridge, it's the community work of HSBC and the sponsorship from HSBC. By visiting the trail, the perception that i have earlier on Singapore i.e. all concrete no nature. I was wrong, they have natural reserve park too but not as huge as Malaysia. I challenged my Singaporean friend to bring me something which is more unique and not man made. So here i am on the MacRitchie Trail... 

Fitness First millenia walk - I gotten my passport but unfortunately not chance to hit the gym. So i used it for pass to the shower facilities. YES~ we went Fitness First to shower before heading for lunch...


MEDZS - a restaurant which has the concept similar to Marche. But this restaurant focus on more Mediterranean food. The best thing is this restaurant sells pork dishes. We have the Pork Affair for our lunch. The food was yummy and we were so full after the meal.

National Museum of Singapore (Princely Treasure from the house of Liechtenstein) - All the valuable paintings are shipped from Liechtenstein Palace. Some of the well known painter like Rembrandt etc. The exhibits are very nice... unfortunately i just got back from Europe. So to me the exhibits are not as many as we can see in Church and Museum at Europe.

East Coast Parkway - This was the last stop before heading back to City of Potholes...  We chill out in One Twenty Six for a booze. After finished our drink, we hit the nearby bicycle rental place. We rented a bicycle to go around East Coast Parkway. It's a very fun and relax by the beach. Headed to Changi Airport around 7:50pm. Took KFC @ Changi Airport.

That's all folks... 2D1N getaway from City of Potholes


Mr Lonely said...

well, i still like chinese dim sum the most! =D

Small Kucing said...

Few months ago read some ghost story aboutMacRitchie Trail ..

TZ said...

Mr. Lonely: I still think Dim Sum in Malaysia nicer than Singapore :p

Small Kucing: Really? So interesting... which part of MacRichie Trail? I wanna go and explore :p