Friday, November 14, 2008

FlyFM 3rd anniversary party

I just came to know FlyFM is going to hold a 3rd anniversary party in Central Avenue One U... Anyone is planning to go to the party?

Venue: Central Avenue 1-U
Date: Nov 15th 2008
Time: 7pm onwards

url: FlyFM party

ps: sorry i just forgot to place the date ... 


khengsiong said...


TZ said...

Khengsiong: Forgot to place the date ... hehehe Date: Nov 15th 2008.

narrowband said...

Was there during their rehearsals last night (I think they gonna cause quite a jam around that area) looks very happening. I'm not going though... I'm beginning to shy away from crowded places... signs of getting old :(

TZ said...

narrowband: hahaha... narrowband getting old :p Anyway, i have dinner @ downtown KL... not able to go for the FlyFm Anniversary... :-p