Saturday, November 22, 2008

PhotoHunters - Reflection

I'm new to the PhotoHunters ... I would like to share this Reflection that i took one week back :-)

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foongpc said...

Nice photos. Where were these taken?

Bengbeng said...

welcome to the hunt :) but i repeat the question. where was this taken?

TZ said...

foongpc: Damansara Perdana business area... near the citibank.

Bengbeng: I'm not sure what this place call but it's @ Damansara Perdana near to Citibank.

uncleawang said...

Welcome to photo hunting.
Perfect choice of this week theme-Reflection and nice photos.
Have a nice week end.

khengsiong said...

First picture - looks like a reflection off the drain.

Twilight Zone said...

You know what? I turned my lap top upside down to view it. Looks like a painting of a view from a high balcony. Any more photos for me to turn?

Happy Weekend dude!

TZ said...

Uncleawang: Thanks thanks... :-)

Khengsiong: errrr... a clear water drain... i wish we had that in Malaysia :-p... hahaha, it's not a drain but it's s garden with water :-)

Twilight Zone: Dude, you are so creative ... i didn't think about turning my laptop to view the picture... maybe i should take the photo up side down... so that you don't need to turn :-p