Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nite out @ Hard Rock Cafe

The Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur has an new image... They closed down on refurbishment for the past two months. The restaurant is re-opened last Monday for the first time after the renovation. I was surprised when i walked into the new layout of Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur. No much changes outside the restaurant but the inside it's a huge change. 

The signature of the Hard Rock Cafe is their live performance stage. This round the stage is no longer in the center but the stage is placed at the side. Anyway, it's a good reorganized. the dining area looks bigger and nicer.

I called up to reserve for a table for four but unfortunately the reservation has full ... the HRC staff mentioned to me that they are reserving some tables for walk-in guest, waiting list!. Hehehe, i will be always the top of the waiting list... why? Because i have All Access Privilege card from Hard Rock Cafe which able for me to grab the 1st available seat in the restaurant... (I'm Hard Rock Cafe Fans)...

I was ushered to a very nice and strategic place after i shown my All Access Card...

Inside HRC

Bar Area

I was waited for my friends to join me in the newly renovated HRC... the waitress whose name is Mala sat down and had a chat with me. She told me about the HRC before and after renovation and what activities they had for the regular when they reopen... hehehe, I'm not consider the regular in HRC but I'm a regular in TGIF, The Curve ;-p 

Since i have nothing much to do other than chatting with Mala, taking pictures, texting and sipping the beer that i ordered earlier.... I decided to just chill out by observing the environment... 

Anyway, SK and KW arrived about 1/2 hr later, we ordered the starter while waiting YK to join us. We had the HiCkory Smoked Chicken Wings. SK told me i had a nice seat even i don't have a reservation... I just laughed and shown her my All Access Card... guess what? KW said that my card is "Ta Jim" Card (in cantonese)... means that a cut queue card in English... hahaha :-p So, now i have a cut queue card for Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur... :p

Once YK arrived, we ordered our main course... each of us order one main course... yummy! I got my as usual favorite Grill Sirlion Steak, SK have her chicken Fajita, KW has his Salmon and YK has the BBQ Chicken... 

Grilled Sirlion Steak

Chicken Fajita

Grilled Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Chicken Fajita

YK with his HiCkory Smoked BBQ Chicken

TZ and SK



We catched up with whatever we left off before i left for Uganda... but not so much question on Uganda as they read my blog too ... most of the questions has been answered by my blog :-p BTW, I was famous for my mosquitoes visits in Uganda :-p

Anyway, it was a pleasant and superb evening to catch up with friends in the nice and newly renovated Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur.

HRC central Stage

HRC logo

HRC red flaming logo

We ordered a dessert to share... 

Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae

We ended our night out with a photo of four of us... :-)



Ah-Bong said...

FOOD!!!!! Now I'm hungry... hmph

Bengbeng said...

u r a sadist making us all feel hungry when we dont have access to food like that :) The only HRC i ever visited was in Bali n it was years ago. All the time i was there i was worried of bombs too so it wasnt a very comnfortable experience as we were there at a wrong time :)

TZ said...

Ah-bong: LoL... HRC food is yummy... moreover with the nice nice environment...

Bengbeng: I was staying in Hard Rock Hotel Bali... the security check is very tight... everytime we went out and came back ... we need to go through the security check... :-p But I was so enjoyed the HRC and HRH in Bali :-) Anyway, we could get some bloggers together and have a nite out @ HRC Kuala Lumpur... :-)

Twilight Zone said...

Hey I must go to HRC soon! The buffalo wings looked so American in reddish. My saliva is dripping right now. So bad lah you.

TZ said...

Twilight zone: when r u planning to go... we could get more people to go together ... why not call a blogger nite out :-p

Twilight Zone said...

How nice a blogger's nite out! I am still so new and no one will turn up. You should organize la, tai-kor!
Moreover, I'm always on the move & seldom in KL.

TZ said...

Twilight Zone: I don't mind organize the nite out for couple of us... a blogger nite out... So are you in KL this or next week? Let's get together :-)