Wednesday, November 5, 2008

TZ's 1st Monday in KL....

0900: Good Morning KL... Since i had a management meeting @ 11am... my alarm clock was waking me up @ this hour... Take a shower, grab my gym beg and left my condo.

1000: Drove from my condo to TPM. Smooth traffic along the way... what a nice drove!

1050: As usual, parking is a problem in TPM... Sigh! again need to turn around and got out from the building to search for parking... hehehe This round i was lucky as they have completed a new multi storey carpark just opposite the building.

1100: Attended the management meeting and the meeting was to update on what i have done in Kampala and what was my next step/plan when i go back this weekend. Anyway, it was a good meeting. Expectation has been set.

1300: Met with my team member to brief him about the project. Answered couples of questions from him and we had a chat on some side topic regarding Kampala.

1320: Left the office and headed to The Curve.

1400: I was trying to reactivated my old phone # in Digi center. Wanted to change from post paid to prepaid package... unfortunately the number that i had before was reserved for postpaid ... so as i wanted a prepaid. I have no choice but to get a new number ... Sigh!

1430: After settle the communication tool... I walked over to my favorite restaurant... what restaurant? Anyone wanna to have a guess? :-p This restaurant set lunch is good ... I ordered their set lunch and met my friend Adlan. He was so happy to see me and we had a short conversation. Anyway, i will pay a visit again within this week before i left for Kampala. I updated my Facebook profile with my contact number since i was so lazy to send out one by one.

1600: Left the restaurant and hit the gym @ Summit. The NKVE was smooth flowing, I reached Summit within 1/2 hr from the Curve.

1630: I parked the car and reached FF Summit... said hello to Mohan, one of the PT; Isaiah, My PT and the rest of the staff there. Isaiah, my PT was so glad to see me and told me that he was going to teach two RPM classes... I had an appointment with Ah-bong for dinner. So i could not decide on the spot. I got change and hit the cardio for 10 mins, walked over to the free weight sections and started my workout.

TZ, ??? , Brian, Isaiah, Mohan, ???

18:45: The RPM class started.... the class took us 45 mins for 7 tracks of workout and 2 tracks of cooling down. I enjoyed the workout after 1 month of not having anyRPM classes.

19:30: I checked my mobile phone and got a message from Ah-bong. He has arrived @ the gym early... so i quickly hit the shower, got changed and met Ah-bong in the drinking station. He was doing some reading there... spent some time to decide what food and where we wanted to have our dinner ....

2000: We finally decided to have our dinner @ Hertz Chicken Buffet ... This is the first time i met Ah-bong F2F. We cha-cha (means chatting in African) during our dinner until the restaurant closed @ about 22:00.

2200: I picked up my mom from her ink painting class meeting and headed home.

2300: Washed my gym clothing, done some emailing and hit the bed.... Good nite!.

That's all folks ... my 1st Monday after I was away from KL for 35 days :-p

So anyone still wanna to guess what restaurant that i went for lunch in the Curve??? :-p


Mr Dino said...

TR ??

TZ said...

Mr. Dino: LoL... u really my blog fans :-p Bingo... u r rite :->

Mr Dino said...

ahah... u jumped at TR ??

Ah-Bong said...


K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

TR = Tony Roma?

TZ said...

Mr. Dino: Jump @ TR... after the boss there not happy with me... don't wanna to get black listed :-p I better jump @ Mr. Dino office.

Ah-bong: TR = Tony Roma's

K|e|e|n|y|e|e : Dude, u r good! ... u got it :-p