Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 4 /Day 5 : @ Penang / Penang --> KL

Day 4 : @ Penang
My initial plan was to drive back from Penang to KL. But because my dad need me to handle some publication of his 50 anniversary alumni association magazine. I decided to stay one night to finish all the stuff before heading back to KL.

I headed to my dad's friends whom already handle the magazine publication. My task is to get the magazine from Penang back to KL. So together with my dad's friend we went to this publication agent to get the product. Unfortunately i could not get everything from the publication agent before 12pm. I have no choice but to stay overnight. 

Most of the time that i have for Day 4 was waiting waiting and waiting... but while waiting for the magazine to be completed. I went to Island Plaza Fitness First to workout. I worked out about 1 hour and decided to hit the Starbucks to sip some coffee.

Later went back to my dad's friends house to pick up all the magazine and headed to my aunt's house... Called it a day, relax and did some blog reading before hitting the bed.

Day 5: Penang --> KL
I started my journey early as i have a management meeting @ The Curve 12:30pm. A pleasant drive from Penang to KL. I was quite tired after reaching KL. Unload all the magazines and headed to the Curve.


K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Ah...welcome back and have a good rest. :)

Chester said...

what a tight schedule.

and you manage to do it.

TZ said...

KeenYee: Lots of catch up with my old colleagues... :p

Chester: hahaha... of coz I'm project manager wor! ... errrr.... :p