Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 2: @Penang

Weather : Gloomy, cloudy and rainny day :-(
TZ Mood: Not happy (Island without sun - Sigh!)

08:00 : Woke up and connected to the internet to chat with my ex-colleagues for tomorrow lunch and dinner arrangement.

09:00 - 11:00 : Doing some reading on the blog... lazy to get up from the bed :-p

* Initial plan #1: Wanna to take some nice piccies of UNESCO heritage city... errr... weather not good... Sigh!
* Initial plan #2: Go to hit the gym but TZ was so lazy just glued on the bed for about 3 hrs... Morning has just passed like this ... Sigh!

11:00 : No choice but got to get up and took the shower. Got ready to drive to Queensbay Mall @ FTZ for lunch with ex-colleagues from another department whom TZ supported them when he worked for this company.

11:45 : Reached Queensbay Mall and went to BodyShop to get my hair gel as i forgot to bring mine from KL. Wanted to paid with my credit card instead of cash... found out that they only accept credit card if the payment is more than RM30. I was shocked and pissed.. Since when is the rules in Bodyshop, I just have not encountered this back in KL... I bought another product in The Curve one week ago and it's below RM30, i paid with my credit card and the sales person smiled and thanked me... Is Credit Card not welcome in Penang or they have changed the policy in Bodyshop... So i started to argue with them that they should accept my credit card payment and otherwise they should place a notes in front of their shop to state that no Credit card is accepted below RM30. The sales person were shocked when i requested them to accept my credit card payment and place the notes in front of their shop. Seriously, i wanted to write a letter to Bodyshop to seek for clarification.

12:00 : Gave my ex-colleagues PM a call. Waited for them in front of the restaurant. They had decided to hit the Sakae Sushi.

12:30-13:45 : My three ex-colleagues arrived and we got a nice seat. Ordered our lunch and chatting with some updates since we last met. I was glad to have lunch with them... Later, I did manage to show them some piccies that i took when i was in Kampala.

Salmon Tempura set

TZ, CC, PM and LH

14:00 : Called my cousin whom came back from Melbourne for holiday to have coffee with me @ Starbucks, Gurney Plaza. I picked her up from my aunt's place and we headed to Gurney Plaza. 

14:30-17:00 : Reached Gurney Plaza and headed to Starbucks... Ordered my usual drink and one drink for my cousin. We sat there until 16:45 and left the place.. Just wanna to beat the traffic. What we did there? Chatting to update each other, uploading piccies that i took during lunch. 

17:00 : Left Gurney Plaza with still gloomy weather ... no picture taking on the sunset ... 

19:00: Pick my aunts up and we drove to Queensbay Mall for dinner. We went to Wong Kok for dinner and the service there was sucks! The lady boss there were so arrogant... I'm looking forward for Kim Gary to be opened on the other side of the mall... All Penangite, Kim Gary will be opening soon... Shall we boycott Wong Kok for its arrogant and sucks services... ;-) Damn! I forgot to bring my camera last night, otherwise i will take a picture of the lady boss. Anyway, forget about the food but i had a nice chat with my aunt and lots of catching up too. 

21:30 : Left Queensbay Mall and sent my aunty back. 

22:00 : Took the shower and started to take piccie of Fluffy the Cat... watch TV with my cousin, chatting with my friends on MSN at the same time. I was so sleepy and i doze off while chatting with my friends after i got into the bedroom... Whoever i chatting with last night ... sorry mate! I just dozed off coz i was too tired after a long day :-p

That's all folk my simple and yet not very exciting Day 2 in Penang :-p


Twilight Zone said...

Yo! What a wet Penang trip you have! I better fly back to PG & stay indoors since it's wet. Same here in gloomy! What is the weather in Kampala like 24/7 sunny??

You can still visit those old Mansions, antique stuffs are indoors! See my previous posts for guide.

Mr Dino said...

go visit my parent at permatang tinggi b, kepala batas!! ^___^
then can eat fresh rozel flower beside my house..

Medie007 said...

lazy bugger. :P

Twilight Zone said...

Mr Dino - What is fresh rozel flower??

TZ said...

Twillight Zone: hehehe... I'm in Penang now... i have no idea how's the weather in Kampala. For last month the weather is mix of rain and sun... but it usually rain @ night.

Mr. Dino; What is fresh rozel flower... let me wiki and see what is Rozel flower :-p I could not find any rozel flower... :-(

Medie007: yaya... i'm lazy... vacation now, should enjoy the laziness ... hahahaha :p

Mr Dino said...

google for "bunga rozel".. look at the first pic..

my parent plants it at the side of my house.. hehehe...

the flower can be made into jam.. or blended to make drinks... taste exactly as ribena... i think they use the same ingredient la ^___^

Mr Dino said...

oh.. my bad.. i mean.. google for images.. here the linkeh :D

its the red flower :)

TZ said...

Mr Dino: I remember my grandma also plant this flower long time back.. It taste like Ribena... hahaha :-)

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

simple day but sounded busy enough for me. It's gloomy here too...

foongpc said...

Wow! looks like a complete diary of your day : )

Yes, I also dislike those shops that don't accept credit cards unless you pay for a minimum amount.

I don't know about Wong Kok in Queensbay Mall but over here in KL/PJ, I find Wong Kok's food lousy. I prefer Kim Gary anytime, so yeah, I don't mind boycotting Wong Kok esp if service also sucks!

I actually like the rainy weather but not good if you want to take photos : )

Bengbeng said...

u sure live like tua tau keh.... add me on msn..perhaps we can chat some day..i am mylongkang

TZ said...

Keenyee: I canceled all my photo taking plan... Sigh!

FoongPC: finally i found one that support me to boycott Wong Kok... hehehe

Bengbeng: errrrr.... I'm not that old lah... i'm living like the yuppies ... hahahah :p Sure... let me add you in my MSN.