Saturday, August 27, 2011

Airport Taxi fully book

I'm trying to book a taxi to KLIA and leave for Country "V".

Receptionist: Good evening, Airport limo.
Me: Good evening, I would like to book a budget taxi to KLIA @ 6:30am tomorrow (Aug 27th 2011).
Receptionist: Sorry sir, we only have available taxi after 9am. 
Me: Oh... how about premium?
Receptionist: It's full too.

I wondered it's because of too many customers or the total of taxi got reduced as some of them already Balik Kampung (returning to hometown). So i have no choice to ask my friend to send me to KL Sentral. Hopefully i could check in and leave the baggage @ KL Sentral. Then they will send over to KLIA :p

Okay, I better hit the bed now. i only have 4 hours sleep. Need to wake up @ 5:30am. Nite nite. 


Danny said...

just wear micro mini shorts and stand by the roadside tmr la.. sure got car / taxi stop for u ;p
happy holidays ;)

Small Kucing said...

LOL at Danny's comment

Why not try the regular taxi? they will go

TZ said...

Danny : it worked... I got the taxi to Kl Sentral this morning..

Small kucing: I make a call to most of taxi company but the all the taxi to airport are fulll