Tuesday, August 2, 2011

is that me?

There is a picture posted in Twilight Grandma blog and asked people to guess >.< 
The first three person who have the correct answer wins a homemade cupcake freshly baked by him. 
Now the question is... Is that me?

Picture from Twilight Zone
Okay, can I say one thing over here before it's too late... 
"It looks like me, sound like me, smell like me. But it's NOT me."

Just curious, what make you think it's me?


foongpc said...

That's why I said it does not look like you! : )

Medie007 said...

u mer?

Small Kucing said...

not you. different shoes. ...hmmm...alamak...was it u or medie who posted about new shoes the other day? You, right? If yes, means the person in the photo is not you coz I guess you would be wearing new shoes :p

Filip Demuinck said...

You took the picture and it is your brother.


[SK] said...

because gym = TZ and because we do not know who else to name.. hahahaha!!

Twilight Man said...

The guy in photo is tough, lean and handsome. TZ is fat and fugly... LMAO... just kidding.

ladyviral said...

because of the arse? =o

I dunno.... and i would of guess it is you becaus eof gym-ing like sk would xD

TZ said...

Foongpc: You sure the person inside the picture is not me?

Medie007: hmmm... Me meh?

Small Kucing: I not only have one shoe... :p

Filip Demuinck: I don't have a brother ;-)

[SK]: hahaha... So you guess it's me eh~

Twilight Man: I'm fat and fugly meh? Say until like that... Emo now.

Ladyviral: errrr... what about the arse? You mean got nice and attractive arse ? *wink*