Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nadeje's Mille Crepe @ Malacca

I was having a short gateway from the metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur two weeks back. We were @ Malacca. One of my friend has suggested we definitely need to give the Nadeje's famous Mille Crepe a try before we left Malacca.

We paid a visit to the Pahlawan outlet... it was packed and we were lucky to have a seat inside the aircon in such a hot and burning weather in Malacca. So, my friend and I went over to the counter and order 4 pieces of Mille Crepe...

4 different type of Mille Crepe
The original
Rum & Raising
This was how we attacked these 4 pieces of cake

Now, after seeing all those yummy picture and the clip. Are you convince to drive down to Malacca?


[SK] said...

who's that one at the bottom left?? scooped so much of the mille crepe in his every move, hahaha!! :D

Small Kucing said...

Nasib baik me tarak gila cakes else will drool like mad

Btw, I noticed something...you and medie pakat ka? Both posting daily at the same time.

Medie007 said...


eh! y u also schedule to post at 12pm one? follow-me. :P

Gratitude said...
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Gratitude said...

You were raised by the rum ka? wakakakakakaka

SK, pm me and I'll tell you. The 4 slices went really fast bcoz of the btm left one! lolz

Vin said...

Oooo. Looks good.

Nikel Khor said...

Expensive cake lor..

foongpc said...

I have just tried the crepe cakes from Humble Beginnings and I think they are better than Nadeje. But of course, I am no longer a fan of crepe cakes or any cakes for that matter! : )

khengsiong said...

Your food photos are not bad!