Sunday, August 21, 2011

Goodbye My Baby Nikon D70

Baby Nikon D70
I once owned a baby and his name is Baby Nikon D70 or i should say i still owned him but his dying... Last Wednesday, I sent my Baby Nikon D70 together with his Nikkor 18-200mm lens to the hospital after i found out his infected with Viral / Fangus :(

Guess what? Two days later i received a call from the hospital and the doctors told me that they need around RM3500 to have a surgery on my Baby Nikon D70 in order to cure him. RM3500 to cure him, so I have no choice but make a decision to put him to sleep... What a sad day? 

Baby Nikon D70 and I have travelled together to many countries  since year 2004... you know what? After i listed all the countries we have been... he actually been nearly half of the globe with me. He has been to US, Africa, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai and many more countries, islands and resorts. He has been a good travel companion whenever i need to snap snap and shots shots...  

*Sob Sob* Now i need to say goodbye to my Baby Nikon D70... before we say goodbye to my Baby Nikon D70, let me share with you my happy moment with Baby Nikon D70...

Baby Nikon D70 with me in San Diego Sea World, US (2006)
Baby Nikon D70 with me @ Grand Canyon, US (2005)
Baby Nikon D70 with me @ Bali, Indonesia (2006)
Baby Nikon D70 with me @ Shanghai, China (2005)
Baby Nikon D70 with me @ Singpore (2007)
Baby Nikon D70 with me @ Uganda, Africa (2008)
Baby Nikon D70 with me @ Bangkok. Thailand (2011)
So long my baby Nikon D70... Bye~


Small Kucing said...

sorry for your loss. for that price, can get a new camera.

TZ said...

Small kucing: exactly.... That makes me have no choice but forego my Baby Nikon D70. :'(

reanaclaire said...

So... have you got yourself a new baby yet?

Xjion89 said...

oooo~nvr knew tat camera oso can get virus?

Can get a new 1~wat's in ur mind?

country with a "V"~~only Venezuela comes into my mind~

CH Voon said...

dont be sad, your new baby coming soon.

what model you plan to buy?

Medie007 said...


TZ said...

reanaclaire: hehehe... will introduce my new Baby on my next post.

Xjion89: Virus will attack the camera too. So protect your camera in the dry box.

CH Voon: What model of camera you use for your photo in Russia and Africa ?

Medie007: *Sob Sob*

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Probably is time for u to upgrade. I used to have D70s, it's a great DSLR.

D300? D7000?

Anonymous said...

Virus u meant fungus? U didn't use dry box? DIY one with silica gel also can help. :)

[SK] said...

old one not gone, new one doesn't come.. so what's next??

Андрей said...

so beautiful, thank you very much for photos, dear) hope this туры в Черногорию is will be useful for you, atleast interesting.

Filip Demuinck said...

Great pictures. Enjoy your new camera.


Twilight Man said...

Wahhh! Your baby has been with you for so long! Now kena cremate already. Sob! Sob!
Did you store it inside air tight container? That could have prevented fungus.

TZ said...

Joshua: i just gotten D7000 last Saturday, Now still getting familiar with the features. BTW, what model are you using now?

Joshua: I don't have dry box... I should have gotten one. This time i would get one.

[SK]: hahaha,... Nikon D7000 HD, 16.2 MegaPixel. what else to describe ;p

Андрей: thanks for dropping by my blog. I dropped by your blog but i couldn't understand a single word.

Filip Demuinck: thanks.

Twilight Man: Nope that's why it infected with fungus :(