Thursday, August 4, 2011

Who is this?

After looking @ comments in Twilight zone's blog and the comment in my previous post. So who is this person?

So many different version of say in both TZ (TZ and Twilight Zone) blog's comments. Some say i fat and ugly etc... Some mentioning i fit and lean... and one commented my brother... some say Medie... so who version is the right one?

Let's begin the story... I was working out with Twilight and he took this picture of me from the back while i was doing the abs workout with TRX. There are no indicator of me but almost everyone guess it's me... BTW, I really salute William that he could see my bandana that i was wearing. So, what is the color of the bandana?

Anyway, Twilight has to start getting his oven heat up to bake the fresh cup cake eh~ Cause the person in the picture is ...... TZ. Hey do I get the cup cake too as the model :p


Twilight Man said...

Yes I will bake you cup cakes! Pooof! My oven is out. May I borrow your oven?

Small Kucing said... it's you la.

TZ said...

Twilight Man : I don't have oven :(

small kucing: Yup it's me and i'm wearing the older shoes. I blog about it before too. The Adidas Shoes :p

Twilight Man said...

You are confirmed Prince of Uganda, having so many shoes!

TZ said...

Twilight Man: I'm not prince of Uganda. :p