Monday, August 8, 2011

Various ice tea...

Two weeks ago, I have a drinking session with my project team. We were enjoying ourselves with the nice  drinks @ Bistro 32 Puchong. The environment is very nice. Since one of my colleague is a regular there. We gotten ourselves a nice corner with a certain level of privacy...

The first thing we did was to order drinks. My team lead whom are from India was not able to decide her drinks. So we were asking her what she wanted... She still could not make up her mind but mentioning she would try anything. Then, I happily started to recommend her some nice ice tea...

Drink #1 : American ice tea

Long Island Ice Tea - Mix with multiple type alcohol
Me: Hey how about a Long Island Ice Tea. (everyone was looking at me)
My co-worker : Hmmm... the Long island ice tea sound nice. Is that an alcohol drink or just a normal tea? Let me see what is the ingredient please.
Me: *I passed her the menu*
My co-worker: *She saw the description of the drink with the ingredient. She realized it was an alcohol drink*. I don't think i wanted Long Island Ice Tea.
Me: okay... how about Mexican Ice Tea...

Drink #2 : Mexican Ice Tea

Margarita Lime on the rock
My co-worker: How's the taste?
Me: How about i let you taste a bit after they served me mine. If you like it, we could order one for you.
My co-worker: Okay...

Waitress served my drink. I took a small glass and poured over the new glass. Then passed the glass to my co-worker.

Me: How's the taste?
My co-worker: It's bitter, i don't like it. I like something sweet.
Me: Nevermind. So what drink should i recommend to you... Hmmm... how about the English Ice Tea?
My co-worker: Not again... I don't think i could trust you on recommending drink for me.

English Ice Tea - Contain no alcohol
Anyway, she ended up ordering milk shake... and i continued with my Mexican Ice Tea :p


[SK] said...

she want something non-alcoholic and sweet.. haha, milk shake is a good choice~~ :p

Medie007 said...

cola lor. 7up lor. :D

TZ said...

[SK]: hahaha... i know but just like to tease her. She is very sporting ;-)

Medie007: Don;t think at that moment she would wanted a Coke. 7up etc.

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