Thursday, August 18, 2011

Smoker vs Chimney vs Factory

Everyone is talking about pollution each factory will bring to the environment... so the factory has tried their effort to GO GREEN... reduce Carbon footprint. But do you notice we also have chimney @ the kitchen, chimney @ the living room. These chimney will release smoke that harm the environment... So around the world, governments and organization have look into how to GO GREEN in this area too... another Carbon footprint reduction.

Now, let's talk about Smokers whom are surrounding us. If you look into more detail, they are as good as a small factory that pollute the air every day... some even every few hours or few minutes... So Malacca government has introduced the smoke free zone.

smoke free zone... can you NOT to smoke?
This is NOT a bad idea but if without the enforcement... what is the different between you have this Smoke Free tiny in Malacca. No one going to bother about the campaign...

Dear all smokers around the world,

  • Do you know you are polluting the world everyday whenever you smoke?
  • In order to GO GREEN, you need to stop smoking, otherwise... no need to talk about GO GREEN.
  • Your surrounding people whom are non-smokers has the rights to breathe in fresh air. But you have intrude their rights. Can you sue them?
  • Please say NO to polluting the world. STOP smoking. can you?
Anyway, Smoking is bad for health. PLEASE STOP SMOKING... 


Twilight Man said...

How I wish Malaysia will become smoke free as well.
So many campaigners for the Recycling and Go Green are smokers themselves!!!! This is crazy!

Filip Demuinck said...

Do you know that in some cities you are no longer allowed to smoke outside in the street. Like New York.


Small Kucing said...

i dont smoke but always kena 2nd hand smokes :(

Medie007 said...

wow. banned smoking in the street. interesting...

thompsonboy said...

They can never ban smoking at home. Thats for sure.

All smokers know the dangers of smoking. But why they don't stop is that smoking is great stuff. I loved smoking.