Monday, August 22, 2011

Nikon D70 + 00

Baby Nikon D7000
After i have no choice but putting my Baby Nikon D70 to sleep... I have decided to add two more zero and get My new Baby Nikon D7000 last Saturday. Baby Nikon D7000 will be my new travel companion and our first trip will be this coming weekend. Yup! we are flying off to country "V"... Vietnam

Baby Nikon D7000 is very new to me so now i have to get use to his style. There are such a thick book about Baby Nikon D7000 for me to read...

About Baby Nikon D7000
After scanning through the about Baby Nikon D7000, it's time to get familiar with him. Let's get started eh~

My very first shots with Baby Nikon D7000
What do you think?
Still couldn't got hold of the lighting that good :(
A tryout at the poolside
Many more road trip to go with my Baby Nikon D7000
So how's the shots, which one you like most?


[SK] said...

nice tool!! luckily it's just two more zeros behind the model number and not behind the price~~ :p

Small Kucing said...

I thought you meant the price too LOL

Twilight Man said...

Superb and brilliant photos! This camera suits the Prince of Uganda!

Medie007 said...

not bad ma. very nice le...

Gratitude said...

very nice leh, very sharp!

Bananazஇ said...

Ohhh lovely..

Xjion89 said...

love the last 1~~super nice ooo~

TZ said...

[SK] : it's just coincidence that i could add two zeros to my D70... So now it's D7000.

Small kucing: there is one cost RM10K... so nice!! How i wish i could afford that model.

Twilight Man: Thanks :p

Medie007: thanks

Gratitude: thanks thanks

Bananaz : Dude, thanks thanks

Xjion89: I love the last piece too... especially the road formation :p

3quarks said...

D7000! I want that too:) nice photos..

TZ said...

3quarks: go ahead and get one... it's a nice camera with plenty more feature than the previous one i.e. D70