Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Photogenic : Candid Shots @ Malacca

Maybe the person in the pictures knew i shoot their pictures. But most of them would NOT know. Why? Cause i have a claimed to have a "Big and Long..." by my friend. Okay, it's big and long lens. 

Anyway, this episode of Photogenic, i would like to share with you my Candid Shots that i took last weekend in Malacca.

Playing Angry Bird?
Four Cam Whorer and a Photographer 
I'm relaxing but I know WHAT ARE YOU DOING...
Among three of us, I'm the only one manage to take this... Why?
I have the "Big and Long" one
Nyonya clothing shops
What if the something that NOT suppose to move... moves
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Paul Figaro J said...

Big and long huh? Am I allowed to hold and play with it 1 day?

Small Kucing said...

Wei ghost festival leh...scary leh LOL

Medie007 said...

wah the foreigner looked so fierce

TZ said...

Paul Figaro J: no problem... i will have another shorter one. This big and long will be placed into my collection :p

small kucing: which photo is scary?

Medie007: my guess is that he and his other half must have an argument... then he noticed me taking his picture. So his reaction shown. So no stalking eh~

Gratitude said...

The mat salleh looked like he was giving you the "stare"