Tuesday, April 10, 2012

5 elements of my life marching into Year 5

Time really flies... 5 Elements of my life has survived for four years one month back. I started this blog in March 8th 2007. Now we are in year 2012... it means that 5 elements of my life is marching into Year 5.

During the years, this blog has bought me into a different social life. I met lots of people from blogging. Over the years, some still stay and some has just vanished from the blog communities. My blog has accompanied me during the ups and downs... And also given me the motivation to take more picture. Why i say so? my reader once has commented that they like my blog because of the photo i took.

As a result, i have setup another blog A Picture A Day to share the photo that i took...

I knew i have lots of silent readers reading my blog from different part of the world. Some has become the regular commenters, some has become friends to hang out with and some still remain as the silent readers... Anyway, i valued all of my readers.

HAPPY 4th Years ANNIVERSARY to 5 Elements of My Life 


Danny said...

happy blogniversary..
fast fast grow up ya :)

TZ said...

Danny: Thanks :)