Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 11th 2012

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The 8.6 Magnitude Earthquake hits Indonesia has triggered the Tsunami Warning to 28 countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, India etc... For those people who are staying in the area that hit by year 2004 Tsunami, they are very very worry and panic. I bet they felt so panic that the history might be back again. Anyway, glad to know that there were only very small Tsunami hit.

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It's the king installation and a national holiday for the country. The Sultan of Kedah is the 14th King of Malaysia and the highness is the first king to stay in the nicely built Palace @ Jalan Duta. It was a very huge palace from outside compare to the old one near Jalan Istana. The ceremony has been lived throughout the national TV. I didn't follow the ceremony as i was having an appointment in Klang @ 10am.

TZ was having a 2nd date with BKT, he drove to Klang early this morning to have BKT with his two other friends. if you wanna know more about his first date with BKT... read more

Dating BKT @ 飞机肉骨茶
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Followed by the nice Pastry, Cakes and Coffee during tea @ Fruity 

Pastry, Pie and Coffee
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Comment in Facebook : Dear PT, see what TZ is eating and you should know what to do...

I enjoyed the food so much... left Fruity around 2:30pm. Dropped my friends back to his house and headed back to KL... I didn't felt the tremor of the Earthquake as i was driving back to KL from Klang. 

BTW, i was planning to have happy hour with my ex-colleagues but after i checked on my work calendar @ Outlook, I realized i have a conference call with US team @ 9pm. So no more happy hour...  Guess what? The meeting was postponed 3 minutes before the start time ... :@ And the new date/time is April 20th 2012 9-10pm. I have declined the meeting as i will be out of town next Friday. 

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Medie007 said...

Yeah! Decline! How can like that last minute change...

Small Kucing said...

so makan what?

TZ said...

Medie007: I have attended the meeting on Thursday night... so no more Friday night meeting :p

Small Kucing: don't get you... makan what?