Sunday, April 8, 2012

My first PT Session

I had PT few years back, one and half year after i joined the gym, if not mistaken somewhere around year 2007. I have engaged a young PT, Isaiah whom is very enthusiastic to train me up to hit my goal.

Hmmm... my goal is very simple. Get rid of those stubborn FAT, build the stamina and get a lean/tone body... So i started the PT session with this PT of mine in year 2007. Let's cut this short if you wanna to know more, visit my previous years post.

Anyway, I had a trial session with a PT, AJ in FF 1MK last Thursday. And i found that he also have the enthusiastic to help his client to achieve their goal. He has 4 years experience in this industry and he is new to FF. So i decided to sign up for 30 sessions. Anyone wanna to guess what is my goal for this round? (i will leave this question for you to answer eh~)

Today is my 1st PT session. One word... tough~ Why? Coz i have stopped this kind of training for years. Now wanna to pick up the momentum, i need to start somewhere. Today is the day. AJ requested to only kicked started the training session after i did the warmed up with 100 calories burnt. So i was struggling with the warmed up and it took around 30 mins on the threadmill to hit 100 calories. Leg was pain and sore.

You know what? more legs exercise with the back and back roll after the warm up... So now my back was sore especially lower back. I have found out another weaker point of my body after shoulder. Sigh~

After the workout, when i cool myself down. I check my earlier status up date in Facebook. My friends has left some comments

Status update : Time to have my first PT Session
Friend #1: Hope he torture you to get the result.
Friend #2: Dear Trainer, please torture him.

Anyway, after an hour of training i felt good.... :)

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Twilight Man said...

Good luck to you! I have phobia after getting 3 PT trainers for 1 sign up session which ended up with broken shoulder.