Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Heritage Tax - RM2/Room/Day

Malacca government is craving for more MONEY to go into Malacca Unesco Heritage site. The initial proposed is to impose 15% of the rack rate on each of the hotel room / per nite basis. So in another word, when you pay for RM100 for one night... you will have to extra paying another 15% which means that ended up you pay extra RM15 on the RM100 room. Bear in mind, this calculation is base on per room per day basis.

After hoo ha around, the government decided to tax RM2/room/day.
Hotel Receptionist (HR) : Sir, you need to pay RM2 for the heritage tax. Since you are staying for 2 nights so you need to pay RM4.
Me: >.> Since when this heritage tax started?
HR: Since April 1st 2012.
Me: Why Penang did not impose the RM2 for heritage tax. They are also Unesco Heritage site. So...
HR: This tax only impose in Malacca
Me: *in my heart - I will not be going to Malacca as often as what i used to...
Me: hmmm... okay... here you go the RM4.

Actually tell you the truth, although the RM4 is not much, by looking at how Malacca is so bad maintained. I wondered how many RM4 will not be used in the correct purposes i.e. upkeep the Heritage Site. For me i will not give RM4 if i have a chance... but too bad... the government has setup something.

So, when i went back to KL, I made a google on Heritage Tax and found that the Malacca state government is looking at imposing tax on Food outlet, entertainment etc. If this happen, Malacca will be totally out from my visit list...


Medie007 said...

masuk poket la. apa lagi?

MALACCAN!!! if the same government still rule, watch out that the next cup of Chatime you drink need to be imposed with HERITAGE TAX also!

bloody blood suckers!

Small Kucing said...

later go toilet also will kena tax leh