Monday, April 16, 2012

The spoiled Toilet Seat

What Color is MONDAY?

Few weeks back there was a reported news on bomb in the toilet of an LRT station downtown. One person has injured while using the toilet... Anyway, felt sorry to the person who injured and the person who was doing that should send to hell...

Anyway, i was using the toilet cubicle for peeing this afternoon in my office. It came to my attention that something looks very weird...

What had happened to the toilet Seat?
  1. Someone too big size and heavy until the seat dislocated?
  2. Someone too stress and release on the toilet seat?
  3. Someone didn't get his expected bonus and decided to pay all his anger on the toilet seat?
Any of you can think of other possibility? mind to share?


Medie007 said...

Tsk tsk tsk.... Vandalism

TZ said...

Medie007: hahaha... maybe they don't get good increment *wink

JokerPJ said...

Two person playing rough :P